Liberating creativity through technology.


Introducing 3dctrl. A real time 3D content creation toolkit from Artificial Artists. Enabling users to quickly and easily configure and animate their 3D brand assets.

Designed to help brands and agencies create engaging, dynamic and professional quality 3D stills and video for digital media.

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We are a team of interactive
and VFX specialists.

We harness the power of emerging technologies to fuel business creativity.

The future is
real time

Immersive and emerging technologies have amplified the need for quality 3D models, content and experiences. Our products and services enable businesses to apply real time 3D rendering technology to connect with their audiences in more immediate, personal and engaging ways.

Ben Cyzer and Tim Phillips have spent almost 20 years at the forefront of digital production innovation. They were most recently part of the leadership team at MPC; an Oscar, BAFTA and Cannes Lions award winning global VFX studio.